David Knight - 8th July 2019

Strange goings-on in an exclusive Parisian nightclub, in Kim Chapiron's provocative video for Pink Noise.

The denizens are invited to test the legendary hallucinogenic properties of the common (or not so common) toad, by licking these weird, wonderful creatures. And if that is not startling enough, then the licking continues, between a pregnant partygoer (Tina Kunakey) and the young woman (Molly Constable) who arrives by limo, who is not quite what it seems... 

Licking good.


DirectorKim Chapiron
ProducerOlivier Muller
Production CompanyPhantasm
Director of PhotographyBenoit Soler
EditorBenjamin Weil
Post production companyMathematic
Lead actorTina Kunakey
Lead actorMolly Constable

David Knight - 8th July 2019

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