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Sleepy Soul 'Still Can't Dance' by Dustie Carter

Ned Botwood - 17th June 2019

Disco lights, bullies and embarrassing dancing. Nothing will stand between a boy and his school dance in Dustie Carter’s charming video for Sleepy Soul.

Our young hero has two left feet and a girl to impress. So, armed with a pair of headphones, an instructional dance video, and a basement full of cardboard classmates, he overcomes his nerves with pure guts and ingenuity.

The video has a nostalgic style. Period details will feel familiar to anyone who came of age at the turn of the millennium, but this is ageless middle school story transcends its '90s setting. Mike Dalton’s signature milky photography ebbs in and out of focus, establishing the warm atmosphere of a distant memory.

A special mention should go to  the video’s young star Mitchell Scheer, who is certainly not a terrible dancer. He carries the video with that strange mixture of confidence and naivety that defines the formative years of so many.


"The sound of Sleepy Soul seems lost in time, in an era you can’t place, so it seemed perfect to place the story in the past, as if it were a memory. Growing up in the late 90s/early 2000s gave me my inspiration, and automatically, I remembered to how it felt to be at a middle school dance. The awkwardness of dancing (attempting to dance) with your early-teen friends, streamers trying their hardest to decorate the basketball gym, the unnecessary smoke machines, and of course the perfectly embarrassing wardrobe. All of these memories came together to shape the style and tone we would set out to achieve."

"I’ve never directed anyone this young before, so I was excited to take on a new challenge. It was awesome to see what these young actors/actress brought to this project. They just blew us away with their performances."

Ned Botwood - 17th June 2019


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Dustie Carter
Stolen Sun
Production Company
Stolen Sun
Production Manager
Taylor Dalton
1st AD
Casey Nation


Director of Photography
Mike Dalton
Focus Puller
Jesse Bader
2nd AC
Nick Wallace


Ethan Waddell


Art Director
Emily Pfeiffer


Emily Pfeiffer


Lead actor
Mitchell Scheer
Lead actor
Kaitlyn Bowles


Sam Baiamonte


Sam Baiamonte

Other credits

Key Grip

Jordann Salvador

Best Boy Grip

Makayla Hufziger


TJ Wille, Sean Nielsen, Kane Katubig


Cameron Cook

Ned Botwood - 17th June 2019

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