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Eels 'You Are The Shining Light' by David Horsburgh

Promonews - 30th Apr 2019

David Horsburgh takes us into a world of darkness, as we join a team of miners working deep underground, in his video for Eels.

But one miner cannot help but being attracted by the big rock of pure white light above the mine. Will he find out what it actually is...?

Horsburgh has us rooting for the little guy, as Mark Everett provides the infectious groove to keep us on tenterhooks, in this lovingly crafted animation for You Are The Shining Light.  


"A journey into the deep, dark, depths of the world. We wanted to make something that felt rhythmic, striking and matched the pace of the overdriven fuzzbox guitars for this awesome track. Have always been a huge Eels fan so for us it was a dream project to work on."

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Promonews - 30th Apr 2019


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David Horsburgh
Ailsa Vanessa Tapping
Production Company
Executive Producer
Hayley Williams

Promonews - 30th Apr 2019

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