Lassamie Prasimay - 15th Apr 2019

Imogen Harrison visualises George Gretton's dark mental state embodied in his track Tread Water, down to the finest details of lighting, camera movement, sinister colour schemes, and sombre colour grading. 

Mid shots filmed after dark, in the depths of a forest, on deserted heaths and silent roads, are masterfully edited to the frantic pulse of the song. Even the subtlest melodic hints alter George Gretton's form on camera, as he wavers, and even multiplies, for a split-second, jump cutting between 'warm' and 'cold'-lit shots. 


"A couple of months ago George sent me Tread Water and I immediately felt a pull to visually represent the anxiety and state of flux that you can hear in the track. George and I spoke a lot about those sleepless nights, where you're left alone to contemplate your own thoughts. The video visualises the dark and intense mental state that comes with change and self-acceptance."


"There’s this nervous, insecure energy to the song that’s been captured really well. It’s sonically and lyrically frantic but Imogen’s recreated the emotion behind it in a pretty powerful way. We also got to shoot in some beautiful, atmospheric locations - a couple of which we were lucky enough to stumble across en route."

PRO Credits


DirectorImogen Harrison
ProducerImogen Harrison
Production CompanyMy Accomplice
Director of PhotographySimon Plunket
EditorBlaine Pearson
Editing companyTenThree
ColouristGeorge Neave
Grading companyCoffee
Grading companyTv
LabelCrosstown Records

Lassamie Prasimay - 15th Apr 2019

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