David Knight - 29th Mar 2019

Bristol-based animation studio Hi-Sim's beautifully precise video for Editors' Barricades sees a meticulously crafted array of machines executing some awe-inspiring feats of fantasy engineering. It's mesmerising. 

But then, gradually, the machines begin to fall out of sync over the course of the song, and then things fall apart. 

A metaphor for how Brexit has caused the destruction of the arcane yet hitherto smoothly running British political system, then? Well, you may think so. But according to Chris of Hi-Sim, the inspiration came from elsewhere.

“I was thinking about the mechanical nature of music – looping patterns of sound,” he says, “This got me thinking about these amazing machines – brimming with little processes that perform precise repetitive functions. It is the imperfections, though, that bring about a warm human element, so I decided to see what would happen when they fail and the smallest of errors become catastrophic.” 

PRO Credits


Production CompanyBlack Dog Films
Executive ProducerMartin Roker

David Knight - 29th Mar 2019

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