Promo News - 28th Mar 2019

Allie Avital brings to life a character with extraordinary powers in her video for Roseaux, the French music project including Aloe Blacc among its members.

It's a young woman in search of love, who discovers that her touch delivers instant death - a sensational power nonetheless treated with huge sensitivity by Avital. This is a beautifully cinematic piece, beautifully shot by Albert Salas, where the European location adds a strong sense of gothic tragedy to the story of the girl, played by Sahné Rasonaivo.  

Watch 'Roseaux 'I Am Going Home' by Allie Avital' here


She’s less of a femme fatale and more of a Lenny from Of Mice and Men

"I’ve had this character in my mind for a long time: a woman who can’t help but harm/kill everyone she comes in contact with. She’s less of a femme fatale and more of a Lenny from Of Mice and Men, except instead of killing bunnies it’s the men she comes in contact with.

"On one level it’s a metaphor for people who desperately want a partner but are too self-protective and so hurt them instead. And then on another level I was thinking about intimacy and nature: whether physical contact with others is a necessity of being human."


Focus PullerJérémy Mauroy
DirectorAllie Avital
ProducerMariam Tahhar
Production CompanyPartizan
Executive ProducerStan Bertin
Executive ProducerAuguste Bas
Production ManagerEma Čielytė
1st ADLukas Kudapcenka
Director of PhotographyAlbert Salas
ProducerVytautas Jakutis
Art DirectorGrėtė Kiliulytė-Vaitmonė
WardrobeAistė Ažubalytė
Hair & Make-upJelena Permagorskaja
EditorCécile Dessertine
ColouristMathieu Caplanne
VFXGaetan Baldy
Director's RepresentationPartizan
Lead actorSahné Rasonaivo
Other creditsCAST: Jevgenij Demjančiuk, Domantas Pūras, Deivydas Valenta THANKS: With The Help Of Centre National Du Cinéma Et De L’Image Animée Special Thanks To Emilie Damon

Promo News - 28th Mar 2019

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