David Knight - 18th Mar 2019

In Pavel Brenner's delightful video for Yumi Zoumi, it's Date Night in suburbia. And when a young man arrives at this girlfriend's suburban house, the parents are away, and he's about to be quietly stunned by surprising performance.

Appropriately enough for a song called In Camera, it's the craftsmanship and beauty of everything on screen that really makes this special. The cinematography by Chris Ripley is pristine, the location is almost breathtakingly Lynchian. And there's a chemistry between the actors, Charlie Patton and Shawn Denegre-Vaught, which makes this operate in a very enjoyable area between deadpan humour and erotic promise. 

And to top it all off.... there's synchonised swimming. What more could you possibly want?


DirectorPavel Brenner
ProducerElla Hatamian
Executive ProducerPenelope Strintz
Director of PhotographyChris Ripley
GafferJake Kaster
Lead actorCharlie Patton
Lead actorShawn Denegre-Vaught
Other creditsCast: Emma Broz, Madisyn Maniff Synchronised Swimming Collective: Aquabatix

David Knight - 18th Mar 2019

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