David Knight - 4th Feb 2019

A man steps into a gallery and becomes immersed in the beauty of the Greek statues on show, to the fascination of the girl who works there. As he dances, and she becomes enraptured, another element is revealed, in Remi Parisse's delightful video for Palatine - stop-frame animated versions of the statues.

Featuring Deyvron, a member of the famous Criminalz Crew in Paris, Parisse reveals that the brilliant animated parts of the video were created in painstaking fashion. "I've animated a dancer in 3D, then I've printed each pose in volume, and finally shot all of the small statues in front of my camera to make a stop motion animation."


DirectorRemi Parisse
ProducerVincent Ehrhart Devay
ProducerJulien Paolini
Production CompanyLate Nights
Production ManagerThomas Bouvard
1st ADPaul Lavau
Director of PhotographyHadrien Vedel
Art DirectorRemi Parisse
EditorRemi Parisse
ColouristNicolas Gautier
Lead actorDeyvron Noel, Hortense Ardalan
LabelYotanka Records

David Knight - 4th Feb 2019

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