Lassamie Prasimay - 27th Sept 2018

A mixed media animation for Mike Shinoda's Make It Up As I Go, featuring K Flay, becomes an innovative way to tell a poignant story of struggle, created by Spanish director Antoni Sendra Podenco. 

After recovering from a serious skate injury that leaves him out of the game, the main protagonist tries to return to his regular life. But things have changed, and he's trapped in the memories of a perfect day. Podenco's technique creates a scrapbook-like effect where past and present appear together. As the visuals mix and match, the faded paper strips and colourful paints could embody his past and his present as one.

Podenco also incorporates a performance by Shinoda and K.Flay which provides a counterpoint to the story of the young man struggling with his rehabilitation, and the intense visual style does not obscure the moving twist in the tale of this beautifully executed video.


DirectorAntoni Sendra Podenco
ProducerAntoni Sendra Podenco
Director of PhotographyIlja Maran
Director of PhotographyCarlos Aparicio
CommissionerDevin Sarno
LabelWarner Bros. Records
Other creditsAnimators: Antoni Sendra And Luis LLácer Performance Shoot Director: Aaron Farley Director Assistant: Iván Fernández De Córdoba Stylists: Concha Núñez (concept) / Maxi (performance)

Lassamie Prasimay - 27th Sept 2018

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