Promo News - 24th Aug 2018

Frank Borin and Ivanna Borin's video for 5 Seconds Of Summer takes us, somewhat implausibly, to a Japanese old people's home. But hold on: this is the kind of magical place that allows its elderly residents to enjoy their last 24 hours on Earth being who they want to be - and young again. 

So an old married couple swallow the magic pills that allow them to regain their youth in the 1950s - as members of a rockabilly gang in modern Tokyo. And that's the way we become immersed in the fascinating subculture of snarling greasers and their tattooed molls, who've adapted the classic look of the mid-Fifties American rock and roll. 

It's an imaginative and effective way by the Borins to showcase 5SOS's Youngblood without a member of the band in sight.


Director of PhotographyFrank Borin
DirectorIvanna Borin
ProducerTanjo Kazutomo
Production CompanyUnderWonder Content
Executive ProducerFrank Borin
DirectorFrank Borin
EditorIvanna Borin
EditorFrank Borin
ColouristAubrey Woodiwiss
VFXGloria FX
Director's RepresentationAlexa Haywood at Free Agent UK

Promo News - 24th Aug 2018

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