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Dillon Francis 'Never Let You Go' by Austin Peters

Promonews - 13th July 2018

Love in various forms blossoms in the Miami sunshine in Austin Peters' video for Dillon Francis and featured artist De La Ghetto's Never Let You Go - the opening track of Francis's new Spanish-language, reggaeton-flavoured album Wut Wut.

It's a real mosaic of feelgood vibes with an underlying level of tongue-in-cheekiness thrown in to suit Dillon Francis's characteristic sense of fun. There's time to hang out on a speedboat - but only as its being driven from the dealership on the freeway.

Another winner from the profilic Austin Peters, who's having quite a year...


"My intention was always that it was funny (like Dillon) / absurd / sentimental / joyous at once, a mix of tones and emotions to make something more interesting than what we expect for this kind of music.

"The treatment basically just said “kaleidoscopic euphoria” and that the idea was to make a reggaeton video while also subverting the tropes - ie having them perform at a boat dealership or ride on a speedboat that is actually being pulled by a truck on a freeway. I wanted to make something that is all these things, true to me, true to Dillon and true to the sound of the music being Reggaeton and trap en espanol that will be able to play in Latin/South America where this song will also be big, while still being subversive and positive in my way.

"I also just wanted to make something about Florida and Miami and the way that I feel about it."

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Promonews - 13th July 2018


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Austin Peters
Andrew Krasniak
Executive Producer
Jennifer Heath
1st AD
Dafna Harrison


Director of Photography
Paul Özgür
Focus Puller
Roberto Ballesteros
2nd AC
Carla Sosa


Lavelle Higgins


Marlo Caine
Editing company
Cosmo Street


Mikey Rossiter
Colour grade company
The Mill


Director's Rep (UK)

Other credits

Prod. Supervisor

Kim Haggerty

Asst. Prod. Sup

Jason Rin

BB Electric

Danny Demirgian


Mike Hazen

Key Grip

Joe Kimble

BB Grip

Chris Tarantino


Ben Stinson


Peter Parente

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Habib Habeych

Asst. Stylist

Omar Thomas


Mike Dolce

P.A. Rob Levy, Miles Abalia, Joel Glickman, Luis Gonzalez, Richard Gonzalez, Tom Mazza

Edit Producer

Luiza Naritomi

Asst Editor

Kyle Moriarty

Post Producer

Evan Bauer

Special Thanks

Eastman Kodak & Metropolis Post

Promonews - 13th July 2018

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