David Knight - 24th Apr 2018

Shot on location in Ibiza, the second collaboration between Let's Eat Grandma and Balan Evans reflects the director's current obsession with collage.

Evans manipulates his images by dividing them into far smaller pieces and then shifts frames within shots, to createa wve effect. It's another way of looking at lovely place, and adds a haunting quality to a catchy tune by the slightly sinister Grandma...


"This film was inspired by the photography of Maurizio Galimberti – his fragmented polaroid portraits were a launching point.

"We started doing some tests and through that process we found that one of the most satisfying techniques was by using the same frame and slipping each segment a frame or two, thus you get this drifting feeling. I’m obsessed with collage at the moment and I think this is where this idea came from.

"The film floats through these different sun-drenched locations, I wanted it to feel like a drifting memory, a fragmented collection of images. Like a box of old analogue holiday photos."


DirectorBalan Evans
ProducerScarlett Barclay
Production CompanyTry Hard
Executive ProducerSorcha Bacon
Director of PhotographySpike Morris
Make-upKinga Evans
EditorBalan Evans
ColouristJack McGinity
Grading companyTime Based Arts
Lead actorMaja Blomstrand
LabelTransgressive Records

David Knight - 24th Apr 2018

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