Promonews - 26th Mar 2018

American director Jared Hogan's video for YouTuber-turned-pop star Joji is a striking proposition with a memorable central image - a man inside a huge hairy monster costume, that's chained to the floor of an empty swimming pool.

But that doesn't stop the dancer Diego Ballesteros performing an expressive, ultimately tragic dance within the confines of his suit and environment.  

Hogan says the video for Demons is "a metaphorical look at the chains and demands that come with success and expectations of others. Shot in one take, we wanted the audience to be able to witness a full, heartbreaking emotional journey."

Hogan, whose other work includes beautifully observed films for John Mark McMillan, Rainbow Kitten Surprise and Rome Fortune, has now joined Stink Films for worldwide representation in music videos. 

"I've had my eye on Jared for a while, and I'm beyond thrilled to have him at Stink," says Katie Lambert, head of music video at Stink. "His work is moving and beautiful, he is such a talented filmmaker. I'm so excited to see what comes next."

• Watch Jared Hogan's showreel at Stink here

Watch 'Joji 'Demons' by Jared Hogan - now at Stink Films ' here

PRO Credits


DirectorJared Hogan
ProducerElisha Gustafson
Executive ProducerJared Harris
Production ManagerAmity Waldecker
Director of PhotographyIsaac Bauman
Focus PullerJordan Utley
SteadicamJed Seuss
GafferRyan Hannah
Key GripChristian Darais
WardrobePaula Tabalipa
ColouristJacob Mckee
Production CompanySaint Cloud
Director's RepresentationStink Films
Director's Rep (UK)Sarah Boardman
Lead actorDiego Ballesteros
Other credits

Promonews - 26th Mar 2018

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