David Knight - 23rd Mar 2018

RUFFMERCY deconstructs and repaints Preoccupations' Matt Flegel on Saunton Sands, for the jangle-core of Disarray.

It's gorgeously hypnotic in its ethereal yet trippy rendering of Flegel's walk on the beach, and another superb combination of live action and animation by the man they used to call Russ Murphy.

"When I was writing Disarray, it started off with an image of a mother combing her daughters hair that came into my mind," says Flegel, about the song. "I liked the metaphor of splitting the braids and combing through the tangles, and wrote the rest of the lyrics around that image. This song sat untouched for close to six months as a recording with just bass and drums before we came back to it and wrote and recorded the guitar line while out of our minds one night in the early AM."


"Disarray, Disarray, Disarray ....bad hair day.

"Saunton Sands is an beautiful beach in North Devon and possibly the same one Coldplay filmed the video for Yellow on. I have spent a lot of time on that beach over the years and it’s long been on my mind to use it as a location for a video. It’s two miles long and when the tide is out it’s pretty breathtaking. I once surfed at this beach in the fog and and remember how dramatic and unearthly it felt.

"We had a mix of weather on the day, but what was quite magical was that fog began to roll in just as we were wrapping. So we were able to capture some of this as we made our long walk back to the carpark."

PRO Credits


ProducerBonnie Anthony
Production CompanyMy Accomplice
Executive ProducerJamie Clark
Director of PhotographyTim Crawley

David Knight - 23rd Mar 2018

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