David Knight - 18th Aug 2017

Daniel Henry explores the very strange, and heavily hallucinatory phenomenon of computer 'deep dreaming', in this video for Foster The People.

It will probably take you a couple of reads of the Wikipedia page on DeepDream to figure out what we're actually watching in this video, where fleeting images of animals coellesce in the forms of the figures, clothing and objects. It's remarkable - or disturbing – and does have the distinct quality of images drawn out of dreams.

In essence this is the by-product of face-recognition technology developed by boffins at Google and essentially thrown in reverse (we think, could be wrong). Whether this is the 'subconscious' of the computer, as flagged at the top of the video for Doing It For The Money, is debatable. But it's certainly interpreting the real world in a way never previously known to man - unless they happened to be on seriously psychedelic drugs.


DirectorDaniel Henry
ProducerMolly Ortiz
Production CompanyDreambear
Executive ProducerEvan Brown
Director of PhotographyDrew Bienemann
Art DirectorKristy Baltezore
EditorDaniel Henry
ColouristCarlos Flores
CommissionerSaul Levitz
LabelColumbia Records

David Knight - 18th Aug 2017

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