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Muse 'Dig Down' by Lance Drake

David Knight - 25th May 2017

An heroine with a flaming false leg must battle numerous assailants to prevail in Lance Drake's futuristic blockbuster for Muse's Dig Down.

With the main role played by model and activist Lauren Wasser, who lost a leg to toxic shock syndrome in real life, the video combines a videogame aesthetic with nods to Tarantino - she's a martial arts master like Uma Thurman in the Kill Bill movies, and Wasser's lethal leg-weapon recalls Rose McGowan's machine gun prosthetic in Death Proof

What's more, Muse's Matt Bellamy follows Eminem in reimagining himself as a new version of '80s icon Max Headroom, playing on screens inside the deadly complex. The glitchy graphics in that seminal video show have aged very well indeed.

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David Knight - 25th May 2017


  • Narrative
  • VFX
  • Rock

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Lance Drake
Jocelyn Webber
Production Company
Executive Producer
Danielle Hinde


Director of Photography
Sing Howe Yam


Jeremiah Mayhew

Other credits

Band Performance Director

Tom Kirk

Shot In Part At YouTube Space LA

Band Performance VFX

Rowan Glenn

Band Performance DP

Matt Hayslett

Future Commercials

Banoffee Sky

David Knight - 25th May 2017

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