Luke Bather - 28th Feb 2017

A seedy, psychedelic motel is the setting for Rollo Jackson's trippy video for Belly ft. Future.

Taking the visual motif of water rippling and distorting the world and bringing it onto dry land, we see Belly & Future haunt the rooms of this motel, drenched in pink and blue hues. The hallucinogenic visual effects combined with elements of surreality make the motel feel like it could be anywhere and nowhere - a purgatory of sorts.


"Belly and Future asked me to come up with a trippy video for this track, which was something I was really up for.

"I’ve always been obsessed with swimming pools at night which seemed like a good basis for the video because of the refraction in the water and the pinks and blues you get in old motels. Basically, I wanted to create a mini water world that looked like codeine and sprite mixed together. Rather than have it in a luxurious setting I liked the idea of seedy desert motel, somewhere a bit lost and timeless, a place where strangers pass in the night, doing strange things in identical rooms, without ever meeting, each in their own world."

Watch 'Belly ft. Future 'Frozen Water' by Rollo Jackson' here

PRO Credits


DirectorRollo Jackson
Executive ProducerHannah Turnbull-Walter
Executive ProducerNathan Scherrer
ProducerTom Gardner
Director's RepresentationCaroline Clayton
ProducerTom Birmingham
Line ProducerBenjamin M. Piety
Director of PhotographyJackson Hunt
Production designerCarlos Lazlo
StylistLisa Madonna
EditorJames Forbes Robertson
ColouristHoumam Abdullah

Luke Bather - 28th Feb 2017

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