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Katy Perry 'Chained To The Rhythm' by Mathew Cullen

Luke Bather - 22nd Feb 2017

Mathew Cullen and Katy Perry explore the intrinsically flawed ideals of the nuclear family in this CGI-heavy theme park clip for Chained To The Rhythm.

Employing the retro-futurism aesthetic and running with it full pelt into Katy Perry's standard pastel-pink and blue colour palette, exploring a trip to an all-American 50s-style theme park where the squeaky-clean fun and prosperity takes a disturbing turn. By the end, in a highly melodramatic reaction shot, that is all too clear to Katy. 

So on one level the video can be read as a metaphor for the worryingly herd-like behaviour that's a by-product of our self-obsessed, fun-seeking modern culture. On another it's just a fun, CGI-laden trip into a quasi-Disney dystopia with incredible costumes and production design - and you'd never expect anything less from a Katy Perry video, right? Both ways, it's another impressive achievement by Mathew Cullen.

Luke Bather - 22nd Feb 2017


  • Narrative
  • Performance
  • VFX

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Mathew Cullen
Danny Lockwood
Rob Newman
Javier Jimenez


Director's Representation
Tommy Labuda

Luke Bather - 22nd Feb 2017

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