Luke Bather - 21st Feb 2017

Michael LeBlanc's huge ensemble dance video for Wintersleep sees a man search for a break from loneliness in a place so many do: the bingo hall.

Set in a small Canadian town seemingly at the end of the world, we follow an isolated man as he dances his way through Twin Peaks-style surreality both inside and outside. Impressive large-scale shots of a populated street and a bizarre golden dance routine in a local bingo hall make the video visually intriguing. Not to mention the great big foreboding moon in the sky at the start of the clip.


"We shot this video in one day, working with non-dancers in Schomberg, a small town in Ontario Canada. I wanted to show a portrait of someone dealing with isolation.  The main characters' world reflects a mirror of his internal life. It’s about escapism and finding freedom during a breakdown. 

"I needed a technique for the dance that could visually work with the dancers.  So we slowed the song down and shot at a lower frame rate which enabled them to hit all the beats together."


DirectorMichael Leblanc
Director of PhotographyMichael Leblanc
ProducerNicole Powell
VFXJake Owens
Director's RepresentationLock It In
EditorDaniel Bochenski
ColouristClint Homuth
Production CoordinatorShada Morris
1st ADMatt Hotson
3rd ADChristiana Herbert
1st ACDavid Nguyen
2nd ACIvan Gonzalez
Casting directorVan Echeverri
Key GripTony Ranieri
GafferRyan Hernandez
SwingRohan Painter
Production designerSarah Castle
ChoreographerAddy Chan
ChoreographyChristina De La Cruz
Other creditsStylist: Muska Zurmati Stylist Assist: Yama Zurmati PA: Shawn Robertson 4th AD: Daniel Horowitz Ronin Op: Scott Watson

Luke Bather - 21st Feb 2017

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