Luke Bather - 17th Feb 2017

Ilya Naishuller's insane video for Leningrad's Kolshik is a calamity in reverse. Beginning at the climax and working our way backward with reverse footage and clever reveals, we get to see exactly how a day at the circus turned into such a complete disaster.

There's a hell of a lot to unpack here in the video's four minutes: a lot of storylines running concurrently - including a tiger on the loose, a flaming acrobat in a gorilla suit, and a Mafia deal that goes very wrong – that all happen to reach a climax simultaneously, creating a blockbuster of farcical carnage and bloodshed.

It's a jawdropping video to watch, with the superb VFX work making the various horrifically violent scenes drawn out in unremitting detail in order to show you how everything went down. Brace yourself for this one.


“I wanted to create a film that you could appreciate in one viewing but needed to watch again to fully pick up on everything that’s going on.

“Playing the multiple storylines out simultaneously, with each one affecting the other, and in reverse, was definitely a tricky balancing act. There’s a lot going on so hopefully there’s a lot to pick up on on repeat viewings that will be rewarding for the viewer.

"In my mind I was shooting for low grade, violent and fun Fellini." Ilya Naishuller

"The script is definitely pretty violent but I was clear with my team from the outset that we were aiming for something more overtly comedic in tone, albeit darkly so.

“I really wanted this to be an enjoyable, fun, chaotic ride with so much to see and link together that, once it was over, you wanted to hop straight back on for another go round. It’s so easy to slip into a harsh, real world aesthetic when you’re depicting violence on screen, so you have to work doubly hard to make sure it remains outlandish enough to stay humorous in tone.

"In my mind I was shooting for low grade, violent and fun Fellini. Hopefully the final film reflects that and people have a great time watching it.”

PRO Credits


DirectorIlya Naishuller
Production CompanyFancy Shot
Production CompanyVersus
Production CompanyGreat Guns
ProducerDimitry Mouraviev
ProducerEkaterina Kononenko
Director of PhotographyGenrih Meder
EditorJames Demetriou
EditorVlad Kaptur
Post production companyCGF, Moscow
Director's Rep (UK)OB Management

Luke Bather - 17th Feb 2017

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