David Knight - 19th Dec 2016

Sammy Rawal's second video for the Canadian pop-electronica artist Hannah Georgas expands upon his first for Don't Go a few months ago in using gif-like repetition to emphasise the rhythms of the track Evelyn.

This is also more design-orientated and certainly more colourful that its dark and brooding predecessor, the repetition extended to Georgas herself, with multiple versions of her lounging and walking around a brutalist urban space. But Rawal doesn't get bogged down in repetition for its own sake either, and also provides a kind of intermission from the main theme, having Georgas emerge, angel-like, from fluffy white clouds.

Watch 'Hannah Georgas 'Evelyn' by Sammy Rawal ' here

PRO Credits


DirectorSammy Rawal
Production CompanyRevolver Films
ProducerNicole Powell
Director of PhotographyKiel Milligan
EditorSammy Rawal
Hair & Make-upCeleste Russouw
LabelDine Alone Records

David Knight - 19th Dec 2016

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