Luke Bather - 29th Nov 2016

Andrew Rutter takes us on a voyage of discovery in this surreal, yet heartfelt coming-of-age tale for Ultrasound.

Following a young man on a short voyage of sexual discovery on the way to adulthood, we're treated to a highly-saturated, expressionist and almost cartoon-like world. Laced throughout with vivid colours and surreal visual metaphors Rutter allows us the watch as the protagonist (possibly inspired by Ultrasound's larger-than-life frontman Andrew 'Tiny' Wood) leaves his old life behind after he discovers that he's not free to be who he wants to be.

With just the right amount of surreal comedy mixed in with genuine sincerity, this is an ambitious story with an unexpected payoff.


DirectorAndrew Rutter
ProducerChristopher Hood
ProducerAndrew Rutter
Director of PhotographyChristopher Hood
Focus PullerPaul Warsaw
WardrobeDanijela Vunduk
EditorAndrew Rutter
Lead actorDaniel Lipton
LabelClassic Album Club Records
Other creditsOther Cast: Niamh Walsh, Dina Dal Forno, Keith Casablanca, Iona Crampton

Luke Bather - 29th Nov 2016

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