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Safia 'My Love Is Gone' by Anthony Bristol

Luke Bather - 24th Nov 2016

Anthony Bristol (aka Cry\\Wolf) sets up the first part of a sprawling revenge Western in the deserts of Morocco for Australian band Safia.

A combination of awesome locations, costume, cast and cinematography turn this snippet of a much larger narrative irresistible to look at. The rich golden textures of the Moroccan desert, versus the harsh yet vibrant city scenes, make for a compelling contrast as we follow a man heading to the city to find work, only to discover that unrest out in the wilds of the desert lead to his entire life being torn apart.

As Bristol says, this is very much the first glimpse of a larger narrative, familiar to Western aficionados - but the Moroccan backdrop adds a dynamic aesthetic to the story that keeps it fresh.


"This idea came to me as a modern-day Moroccan Western, the first act of a revenge film such as Once Upon A Time In The West. Morocco, with it’s sprawling deserts, naturally lends itself to the Western style and it’s a genre I’ve wanted to play with as a huge fan of Sergio Leone’s work.

"In addition to the Western tone, I was really keen to explore themes of the new world encroaching on the old. We heightened the surreal nature with VFX work and off-kilter scenes to complement the dynamic dance music production.

"Shooting in Morocco was really awesome, especially with our production company Dune Films who worked on movies such as Babel, and Game Of Thrones. We filmed over three days across a variety of backdrops, with set builds in the desert and locations throughout Marrakech. Casting locally found us some tremendous actors and extras who brought a really special tone to the promo that surpassed my expectations.

"I was really keen to create a striking contrast between the old and new world here. DoP Ben Coughlan made really great use of the desert and city landscapes to set our lead uncomfortably at the centre of the promo."

Luke Bather - 24th Nov 2016


  • Drama
  • Narrative
  • Pop, Dance

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Anthony Bristol (aka Cry\\Wolf)
1st AD
Hamid Ait Timaghrit


Director of Photography
Ben Coughlan
1st AC
Benn Walshe
Focus Puller
Fouad Bourbouh


Daniel Goodall


Art Director
Aziz Rafiq


Nazha Aouis


Casting director
Salah Benchegra


Joseph Bicknell


Denis Bodart
VFX Company
Feed Me Light


Director's Rep (UK)
Lock It In


Line Producer
Sana El Kilali
Art Department Assistant
Khalid Smour
Production Coordinator
Nabila Samih
Production Assistant
Mariam Lee Abounouom
Costume Supervisor
Hassan Taghriti
Khalid Bouifraden

Luke Bather - 24th Nov 2016

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