Luke Bather - 3rd Nov 2016

Some relationships don't exactly turn out for the best, as Josh Thomas and Darcy Prendergast illustrate perfectly in this creature mini-feature for Millington.

It's a simple, common tale of girl meets boy, girl falls in love, boy turns out to be a hideous parasitic creature that fuses to her, impregnates her after a drug-fuelled night and causes terrible amounts of misery and bloodshed.

The video is hilarious and disgusting from the get-go and just when you think you know how it's gonna wrap-up, they serve you a gory curve ball. With some incredible prosthetics and VFX work, mixed in with strong, humourous storytelling, this video (unlike the parasite it follows) doesn't outstay its welcome.


DirectorJosh Thomas
DirectorDarcy Prendergast
Production CompanyOh Yeah Wow
ProducerChristina Remnant
Director of PhotographyThom Neal
1st ACJames Bentley
Art DirectorJamie Helmer
Art Department AssistantSarah Kleffner
ProstheticsRussel Sharp
ProstheticsKirsty Sharp
WardrobePaige Prendergast
SoundDead On Sound
EditorJosh Thomas
VFXJosh Thomas
ColouristDaniel Stonehouse
Other creditsColour Grading: Crayon Production Assistants: James Neilson, Imogen O'Doyle Stills: Sarah Walker Dog Wrangler: Seamus Spilsbury Cast: Charly Thorn Extras: Justin Green, Kelly Neilsen, Kerrie-Anne Baker, Scott Tunbridge, Travis Aulsebrooke, James Neilson, Tali Simon, Aly Zhang, Elizabeth Hobley, Julie Strini, Andrew Peter, Richard Cuss, Jamie Enrique Guterez, Will Suhr, Darcy Kinna, Bridget Morales, Irany Turral, Ella Ricca, Beau Corazon, Tim Courtman, Sidsel Sorensen, Peter Smith, Claudine Dearn, Mark Ingram, Axel Haslett

Luke Bather - 3rd Nov 2016

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