Luke Bather - 26th Oct 2016

Maroon 5 are having a miserable time being famous in this star-studded clip. Featuring cameos from Ed Helms, Sarah Silverman and Vince Vaughn, David Dobkin's light-hearted and colourful video sees Maroon 5 (although mostly Adam Levine) struggle to cope with life as objects of people's adoration.

It's told here through a legally safe knock-off of Pokemon Go, where the band and their celebrity friends are all dressed in fun, cutesy creature costumes being chased by ravenous fans with smartphones ready to capture them.

Sprinkled with a couple of comical asides (including a bizarre conversation about the off-brand nature of cowboy hats) it racks up to over six minutes in total - impressive for a mainstream pop video.

PRO Credits


DirectorDavid Dobkin
Production CompanyBlack Dog Films

Luke Bather - 26th Oct 2016

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