David Knight - 13th Oct 2016

Daniel Broadley directs a one-take video for his own musical project Meadowlark, which goes against the grain of the song Headlights. It focuses on the metaphors embedded within the lyrics and expressed in a freeflowing video that sways between Meadowlark (Broadley and Kate McGill) as well as two conceptual dancers.

"I wanted to create something a little different for Headlights and I'd never attempted directing a one-take music video before," he says. "I'd had the idea for quite some time and finally felt like it would work for one of our songs."

PRO Credits


DirectorDaniel Broadley
Production CompanyKode Media
Director of PhotographyNicholas Lee Shield
Focus PullerConor Chalk
2nd ACLouis Hollis
WardrobeSabina Emrit
Make-upNaomi Lake
Lead actorHarriet Roberts
Lead actorMeshach Henry
Other creditsSteadicam: Andrew Bainbridge Choreographer: Olivia Lockwood

David Knight - 13th Oct 2016

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