Luke Bather - 19th Aug 2016

Dom & Nic's classic military Oasis video has been given the remastering treatment 20 years on and it looks like it was shot yesterday.

The epic performance video has been recut and remastered from the original 35mm negatives to give it an incredible new context.

The whole thing looks absolutely incredible, and we can only hope that more classic videos still have master tapes archived away somewhere just waiting to be unleashed to their full potential.


“This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring the quality of the original video up to today’s high definition standards, and also to look at the film again with fresh eyes and see what we could improve.

"Back in those heady days we shot the video on beautiful looking 35mm film, then the height of movie-making technology, just like it was a feature film. 

"Questions were later asked in the House of Commons concerning the British taxpayers helping Oasis make music videos."

"Shooting like that today would be unthinkable for a music video of this scale. Film simply costs too much compared with digital cameras for all but the most extravagant projects. We also had the help of the British Army who cleverly saw it as the perfect recruitment drive – though questions were later asked in the House of Commons concerning the British taxpayers helping Oasis make music videos!

"We were also shooting at the location where Stanley Kubrick made Full Metal Jacket,  complete with bombed out buildings which was private land so we could do whatever we wanted, despite the police and London City Airport threatening to shut us down at any moment.

"The 35mm film from the original shoot had been stored safely in the Oasis archive, which meant we could go back to the original film to re-master and recreate the video. This was the film equivalent of finding the band’s long lost studio master tapes in pristine condition. During the process of re-editing we discovered even more powerful performance moments from the band, more epic helicopter shots and a new pacing with greater drama and energy than before.”

PRO Credits


Production CompanyOutsider
ProducerJohn Madsen
Director of PhotographyDaniel Landin
EditorSimon Hilton
ProducerMisha Stanford-Harris
Creative DirectorNeil Davis
ColouristDave Ludlam
CompositorNeil Davis
CompositorAndrew 'barnsley' Wood
CompositorFergal Hendrick
CommissionerLaura Kelly

Luke Bather - 19th Aug 2016

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