Luke Bather - 21st July 2016

A day in a taxi becomes a poignant meditation on love, loss and what could have been, in Isaac Ravishankara's latest video for The Lumineers.

Taking some visual cues from his previous Lumineers video for Ophelia, Ravishankara takes us on an emotional journey both physically and metaphorically, with life events and relationship milestones taking place right there in the back seat of the taxi. Without giving too much away, we're left here to ponder the protagonist's yearning and wonder what could have been.

A beautiful video both thematically and visually (which considering 90% of it takes place inside a taxi is no small feat).

PRO Credits


DirectorIsaac Ravishankara
ProducerNatasha Pierson
Executive ProducerJason Cole
Executive ProducerDanielle Hinde
Production CompanyDoomsday Entertainment
1st ADZachary Wright
Director of PhotographyKevin Phillips
1st ADScott Michael Johnson
GafferJeff Webster
Key GripLev Abrahamian
Production designerAli Rubinfeld
Set DecoratorGrace Alie
StylistElise Velasco
Hair & Make-upNikki Parisi
2nd UnitKurt Raether
EditorIsaac Ravishankara
Assistant EditorCarrie Schreck
Grading companyThe Mill
Additional VFXIsaac Ravishankara

Luke Bather - 21st July 2016

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