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Shock Machine 'Open Up The Sky' by Saam Farahmand

David Knight - 12th May 2016

Saam Farahmand's second video for ex-Klaxon James Righton's new project Shock Machine transforms Righton into a fire- and storm-bringing silhouette, capable of stirring and harnessing the elements.

It's a development from Saam's video for the eponymous Shock Machine debut, which was inspired by artist Angus Fairhurst'sĀ absent human cutouts. And it also touches on that cosmic quality of some of Saam's videos for the Klaxons, itself influenced by that awesome 70s mini-filmĀ for The Jacksons' Can You Feel It.

And a lovely job by Tom Lindsay, for his 'audio-visual assembly and composition'.

David Knight - 12th May 2016


  • Stock footage
  • VFX
  • Silhouette, Storm

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Executive Producer
Laura Holmes


Director of Photography
Jack Exton


Tom Lindsay


Creative Director
Saam Farahmand

Other credits

Art & Research Roxanne Farahmand

Photography Assist

Rob @ SNAP


Hannah @ SNAP

Movement Direction

Ryan Chappell

Additional Texture

Ian Berry @ The Mill

Special thanks

Haylley Lindsay, Reece Ewing, Ian Berry, Hannah and all at SNAP studios, Ros & Molly at Laura Holmes Production, Harriet Cawley & Fouad at Trim.

David Knight - 12th May 2016

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