Cat Velez - 4th May 2016

Olof Lindh establishes a retro feel for Foxes' new video for Cruel, as the pop star roams a country house while plugged into a classic Sony Walkman, performing the song while taking random revenge on the possessions of a boyfriend who's done her wrong.

It's a performance video which mixes whimsical little moments with more serious, emotional ones, fashioned out of a French New Wave-style spontaneity and nonchalance. It's an aesthetic befitting of Foxes’ sweet quirkiness.


Art DirectorFreya Closs
DirectorOlof Lindh
Executive ProducerMargo Mars
ProducerLizzie Wilkinson
Production AssistantFrancesca Willcock
Director of PhotographyJacob Moller
SteadicamJames Elias
GafferLee Parfitt
1st ADIsusko Garcia
ChoreographySupple Nam
Production CompanyB-Reel Films
StylistChar Roberts
Make-upScarlett Burton
HairDanielle Smith
EditorNikki Porter
Editing companyFinal Cut
ColouristJack McGinity
Grading companyTime Based Arts
Director's Rep (UK)Lock It In
CommissionerElizabeth Doonan

Cat Velez - 4th May 2016

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