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Moose Blood 'Honey' by Lewis Cater

Cat Velez - 26th Apr 2016

Lewis Cater has directed this kitch and entertaining video for British emo band Moose Blood's track Honey.

It follows a day in the life of The Johnsons, an artificially sweetened 50s-style family who are all toothy smiles and hammy affectation. But of course, this picture of perfection is untenable and as soon as the father leaves for work, the naughtiness begins.

First, the young boy steals from the camping fund to buy cookies from a girlscout. Then, the teenage daughter comes home wearing a leather jacket, with her badboy date by her side. And before Dad can yell "Honey, I'm home!" he finds his wife hooking up with the gardener.


“The track is written in the perspective of someone dealing with a breakup. With this video I really wanted to represent this in a super fun and more positive way. I recently stayed in a super awesome 50’s style hotel in the US and this is what initially inspired my idea for this, playing with themes taken from shows like ‘Happy Days,’ and ‘Leave it to the Beaver.’

"I wanted to explore the positioning of time after a break up and the ways to make yourself feel like a living human again. As soon as a breakup occurs you feel yourself questioning everything. Quickly the relationship that you had becomes a faded and almost delusional memory. The video puts all of these emotions aside, as it is important keep your feet on the ground and look towards the positives, sweeping through the rough part and completely finding yourself and exploring what makes you most happy.”

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Cat Velez - 26th Apr 2016


  • Comedy
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  • Emo
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  • 50s

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Guy Davies
Production Company
Zebrafish Media
1st AD
James Norbury


Director of Photography
Nicholas Lee-Shield
Focus Puller
Fraser West
2nd AC
Theo Ryan




Joseph Bicknell
Colour grade company


Megan Thompson
Hopeless Records

Cat Velez - 26th Apr 2016

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