Cat Velez - 19th Jan 2016

Ian Pons Jewell has directed this banger of a video for Valentino Khan's Deep Down Low, following a delirious young man as he walks the streets of Tokyo.

Whether it's caused by fever, hallucinogenic drugs or the track's craze-inducing beat, his nightmarish visions only get progressively wackier after he sits down at a restaurant. But with peoples' dancing facial features and tentacles bursting out of the waitresses eye sockets, there's only so much the man can take before running back on to the streets again. 

PRO Credits


DirectorIan Pons Jewell
Production CompanyNION TOKYO / Robot
CommissionerCaroline Clayton
ProducerSatoshi Takahashi
Assistant ProducerFumikazu Matsubara
Assistant ProducerAzumi Kotake
Director of PhotographyNaoki Noda
GafferMitsutaka Mizutani
SteadicamKoji Naoi
Art DirectionNaoyuki Hashimoto
StylistNaoki Yamada
Hair & Make-upTadayuki Suyama
CastingYuuri Hasegawa
Production AssistantDaichi Tanaka
Camera AssistantYukihiro Miyagawa
Camera AssistantShun Umeda
EditorGaia Borretti
OnlineTom Newman
Sound designSeb Bruen
ColouristLuke Morrison
Grade ProducerLaurie Adrianopoli
Other creditsHair & Make Up Asst: Hiroko Ikeuchi Lighting Assistant: Yuuki Kadowaki Camera Equipment: Nac Lighting Equipment: Kurosawa Film Studio Driver: BONDS VFX for Facial Morphing: Brandon Hirzel @ Bemo VFX for Tentacles & Intestine Journey: Daniel Terrazas Villegas @ Rebel Animation and VFX VFX for Blank Faces, Finger & Clean Ups: Gloria FX Gloria VFX producer: Tomash K Gloria VFX supervisor: Max Colt Gloria VFX lead: Alex Orlov Gloria VFX artist: Pinaeva Tatiana Gloria VFX artist: Reutova Ksenia Gloria VFX artist: Miheeva Olga Gloria VFX artist: Berdnikova Alena VFX Company: Gloria VFX Consultant 1: Tuna Beringer (Morgan Beringer) (VFX Timing guide) VFX Consultant 2: Alejandro Villavicencio Vargas (Blank face end shot & guidance) Come Down Man: VOLT Chef: Chikashi Kasai Waitress: Marika Matsumoto Marika Dancer Girls: Yui Innami & COCORO Shady Guys: BUTCH, Yasushi Masuda Man with a cap: Atsuo Shimizu Special Thanks: Yukihiro Shoda (Maximum Respek), Dobi Manolova, Esteban Barriga Prado, Carlos Lopez Estrada, Scott Cudmore

Cat Velez - 19th Jan 2016

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