Cat Velez - 6th Jan 2016

Marcus Haney has been building an impressive reputation as a photographer and filmmaker - the latter mainly for the acclaimed No Cameras Allowed, and for music videos such as Bear's Den's Elysium. Now here's his video for Coldplay's Birds, documenting the band's visit to Leonard Knight's Salvation Mountain in the Colorado Desert, on utterly groovy Super 8mm film.

Twirling imagery, kaleidoscopic motifs, grainy footage and fireworks contribute to a sense of nostalgia, in an airy video full with colour, texture and movement. 


ModelMonroe Alvarez
DirectorJames Marcus Haney
Camera operatorJack Murgatroyd
Camera operatorLucy Bidwell
Camera operatorJames Marcus Haney
EditorJack Murgatroyd
ProducerSabrina Smith
Creative DirectorPhil Harvey
Creative DirectorColdplay
CommissionerMichael Whitham
Director's RepresentationOb Management (uk)
Production CompanyProbation
Other creditsProduction Assistants: Jenny Watts, Chris Lorello

Cat Velez - 6th Jan 2016

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