Barns Courtney 'Hands' by Youth Hymns

Youth Hymns went on the road in the US with Barns Courtney to shoot a classic travelogue video for his song, Hands. It's something of a departure from the directing team's …

Cat Velez - 13th May 2016


Glass Caves 'Alive' by Andy Little

Shot during their recent British tour, this video for Yorkshire band Glass Caves, encapsulates the feelgood lyrics of their song Alive, by following a band who seem to be enjoying …

Cat Velez - 26th Apr 2016


Kano 'This Is England' by Ben Falk and Kano

The song demanded it, so Ben Falk, Kano and their DoP Tom Turley travelled the length and breadth of his home country on a five-day, 1000-plus mile road trip, to bring …

Cat Velez - 6th Apr 2016


Foals 'Birch Tree' by Dave Ma

Dave Ma has directed this travelogue style video made up of snippets shot in different film formats for Foals' Birch Tree, layering an effortlessly nostalgic …

Cat Velez - 20th Jan 2016


Coldplay 'Birds' by James Marcus Haney

Marcus Haney has been building an impressive reputation as a photographer and filmmaker - the latter mainly for the acclaimed No Cameras Allowed, and for music videos such as Bear's …

Cat Velez - 6th Jan 2016

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