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Sir Spyro ft. Big H, etc. 'Side By Side' by Henry Scholfield

Cat Velez - 5th Nov 2015

Henry Scholfield has gone back to his roots with his latest promo for grime artist of the moment Sir Spyro, and his new track Side by Side. This is reminiscent of the black and white realism and mesmerising camera movement of his video for Professor Green's Upper Clapton Dance (with a budget to match) – a wicked visual journey through city streets, with Spyro multiplied wherever the camera turns...



“Spyro is a rare mix of talent, creativity and humility... it was wicked to work with him on this. He wanted something that stood out conceptually on the grime video scene and basically said: ‘here’s the track... do what you do’. The video is all about a sense of community (side by side) and the fact that the cast of more than 50 all showed up to represent for the artists is kinda testament to that. 

"We shot for a weekend, edited and posted with favours (big up Ben at Workpost and Ross McDowell VFX genius)... There are a few rough edges... but in a way that’s what grime is about.”

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Cat Velez - 5th Nov 2015


  • Director's notes
  • Grime
  • Black & White
  • Monochrome
  • Movi

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Henry Scholfield
Ore Okonedo
Production Company


Director of Photography
Sam Davis


Ben Corfield
Editing company


Movi Operator
Tom Cosway
Special Thanks
Ikki Dhesi

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Roto Artist

Ewelina Bogacka

Cat Velez - 5th Nov 2015

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