Cat Velez - 21st Oct 2015

Jodie Abacus goes on a colourful journey through a beautiful world of playful, psychedelic imagery towards the purest of good vibes in Kent Hugo's video for Good Feelings, based on the very cool illustrations of Andy Gellenberg aka WeAreKidz.

Watch 'Jodie Abacus 'Good Feeling' by Kent Hugo' here

PRO Credits


DirectorKent Hugo
ProducerDrew O'Neill
Production CompanyBullion Productions
Director of PhotographyArthur Loveday
Focus PullerJack Exton
GafferNeil Hawkins
Make-upEmma Croft
EditorJay Maude
EditorKent Hugo
Director's RepresentationOB Management
CommissionerCaroline Clayton
LabelMinistry of Sound
VFXAmy Betts
VFXGreg Doble
VFXKent Hugo
VFXMatt Lloyd
VFXDarren Pasemko
VFXMichael Zauner
IllustratorAndy Gellenberg (WEAREKIDZ)

Cat Velez - 21st Oct 2015

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