Cat Velez - 29th Sept 2015

For Eyes Shut, Chino Moya directs Years & Years’ leading man Olly Alexander walking obliviously through a world that is coming to an end. “There is something very hypnotizing about him and that is why I decided to do everything in one-take,” Chino Moya explained. “I wanted to give this intimate song a sense of scale.”

The visual treatment retains trademarks of Chino’s earlier work including surrealist and futuristic elements, and of course, a cinematic and detailed approach to set design and styling. Filmed on a housing estate in the outskirts of Sofia, Bulgaria, the crumbling Eastern European architecture became the perfect setting to stage the idea of an epic imploding civilisation.

PRO Credits


DirectorChino Moya
Production CompanyBlack Dog Films
ProducerSophie Venner
Executive ProducerKatie Dolan
Director's RepresentationMartin Roker at Black Dog Films
Production ServicesThe Chouchkov Brothers
OfflineRyan Beck
Editing companyFinal Cut
SoundFred Pearson
Sound MixFinal Cut
ColouristDuncan Russell
Grading companyGlasssworks
CommissionerEmily Tedrake
Director of PhotographyMarc Gómez del Moral
SteadicamKiril Valchanov
Set designKess Bonnet
StylistArmaveni Stoyanov
Stylist (Artist)Coline Bach
1st ADPetya Efremova
ProducerBoris Chouchkov
ProducerViktor Velkkov
ProducerGeorge Abrashev

Cat Velez - 29th Sept 2015

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