Cat Velez - 9th Sept 2015

Brendan Cleaves explores the facial manifestations of life's ups-and-downs in his video for Friction's track Freak, featuring Josh Barry. It features slow-motion portraits of ordinary people and their extraordinary expressions, which, as always, makes for an absorbing watch. 


"I wanted to the video to break the mould a bit in terms of what people are expecting. The song is very powerful so I wanted the video to be intense, thrilling and emotional, in its purest form - a bit of a rollercoaster, mixing up heightened emotions, from one side of the spectrum to the other.

"I also wanted to give the video a very photographic look and feel, really making these characters pop off the screen and connect with viewers. There is something about a simple headshot that is captivating, when you look closely, the slightest change in someones facial expression can alter the mood quite dramatically."

Watch 'Friction feat. Josh Barry 'Freak' by Brendan Cleaves' here


DirectorBrendan Cleaves
ProducerJames Cross
Production CompanyDefunct Films
Executive ProducerScott Altman
Director of PhotographyLaura Billingham
Focus PullerBen Banayo
Make-upClaire Addicott
EditorGreg Hayes
ColouristJason Moffat
Director's RepresentationDefunct Films
CommissionerCraig Haynes
Make-up AssistantKatie Adamson
Production AssistantAmelia Sweeney
RunnerTamara Lenz
Other creditsCAST: Axel Kaae, Amaranthe Partridge, Stella Anderson, Victoria Otter, King Tshikeva, Sid D'hant, Zoe Watson, Abigail Coniah, Elena Na

Cat Velez - 9th Sept 2015

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