Cat Velez - 5th June 2015

In what is quite possibly Blur's most heartwarming video since Coffee & TV, the band's creative director Tony Hung and animation directors Layla Atkinson and Pete Mellor from Trunk have created a delightful videogame homage for Ong Ong, from the new Blur album The Magic Whip - and a cute spin-off from Hung's album cover art.

Just like classic games such as Mario Bros, Donkey Kong and Pac-Man, the irresistible hero Mr OK, a bouncing ball - which can be seen on the cover - has to cross various levels, each with it's own 'boss' that he has to defeat in order to be reunited with his kidnapped girlfriend. 

Each boss was characterised in digital form by Peepshow Collective’s Spencer Wilson - but also have their 'real' counterparts in live-action sequences bookending the animation, played by the band themselves. And yes, that is Damon Albarn waddling around as Mr Cream the ice cream... 

Wonderfully silly, and perfect for one of Blur's rare pure-pop moments.


"The song is full of fun and is very catchy which lent itself perfectly to Tony’s arcade game theme. As a big fan of the look from those early video games it was great to research them and to recreate classic 8 bit games such as Pong and Astro pinball."


DirectorTony Hung
Production CompanyTrunk Animation
Director Of AnimationLayla Atkinson
Director Of AnimationPete Mellor
ProducerRichard Barnett
Associate ProducerDaniel Negret
IllustratorSpencer Wilson
AnimationAmy Sutton
AnimationLesley Dart
AnimationLayla Atkinson
AnimationPete Mellor
1st ADJonathan Sidwell
Director of PhotographyPhil Poole
Costume designerSussie Juhlin-Wallén
CommissionerWilliam Nichols
Artist managementEleven Mgmt

Cat Velez - 5th June 2015

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