Cat Velez - 14th May 2015

British electronic artist Tom Jenkinson aka Squarepusher, released a Virtual Reality, or VR video for his latest track, Stor Eiglas in support of his latest album, Damogen Furies. The video can be experienced via VR headsets, mobiles, tablets and YouTube’s new 360º platform. For the fully immersive complete virtual reality experience, Samsung Gear VRsmartphone users should download the video for free via the Oculus store; and Google Cardboard owners can download it via iTunes or Google Play. 

Created in collaboration between design studio Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF), animation studio Blue Zoo and artist Rob Pybus, it's a 360 degree CG experience in which the user walks around a wonderfully hyper-saturated city they step into its dystopian underbelly. The work celebrates and yet critisises technology that is set to become part of our lives in a much bigger way in years to come.

A 360° degree Youtube version of the piece, an approximation of the emmersive experience, can be seen below.

ROBIN MCNICHOLAS [Marshmallow Laser Feast] :

"We mimicked the track’s theme of twisting a genre to become the antidote of everything it stands for by using VR to frivolously highlight the possible perils of VR addiction. It was just an honest response to how the track appears to start as a super club anthem before subverting everything in the way Squarepusher does so well."


DirectorMarshmallow Laser Feast
Creative DirectorRobin McNicholas
Co-DirectorRob Pybus
Executive ProducerAdam Doherty
ProducerMike Jones
AnimationBlue Zoo
IllustratorRob Pybus
Other creditsVR Development: Blue Zoo

Cat Velez - 14th May 2015

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