Cat Velez - 12th May 2015

James Canty gives a captivating performance in this one-take video for his song Putney Bridge, directed by Jack Whiteley, whose previous video is the acclaimed video for The Staves' Black And White.

This is very different from that one, and the video's strength relies on Canty's expressive performance and the scope of emotions laid bare – enhanced by some classic cinema lighting setups to set a visual tone. And the video was shot in a genuine single take, in an old school hall in Liverpool... 


"James wanted a video that wouldn't detract from the simplicity of the song so we opted for a stripped-back performance piece in the vein of old Jacques Brel videos.

"We probably did close to 20 takes in the end with the chosen one being one of the last. James was exhausted but I think his fatigue only adds to the performance making it all the more striking and powerful."

PRO Credits


ProducerJoe Wills
ProducerJames Canty
GafferRob Godfrey
Location ManagerRob Lewis

Cat Velez - 12th May 2015

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