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Björk 'Family' by Andrew Thomas Huang

David Knight - 25th Mar 2015

She was briefly wrongfooted by having to rush its release a few weeks ago, but now the visual campaign for Björk's new album Vulnicura is in full swing, taking shape in a characteristically unconventional fashion. And it looks like she's established a collaboration with a super-talented director to rival her long-term creative relationship with Michel Gondry.  

Her work with Andrew Thomas Huang began with the video for Mutual Core from her last album, Biophilia. Now on Vulnicura, they have created the 'sound and vision installation' for Black Lake - shown in a special auditorium at the current Bjork exhibition at MoMA in New York. They have also created a 'virtual reality' video for Stonemilker, also showing at MoMA PS1, and at Rough Trade record shops in London and Brooklyn. 

And also this. The video for the track Family is described as a 'moving album cover' for Vulnicura (slightly confusing, as it's actually a lot less like the album cover shot than the video for Lionsong by Inez and Vanoodh). But in effect Huang uses his considerable multi-disciplinary talents to build the Björk universe from scratch, starting in CGI and then merging into live action.

It's not just creation, but a kind of regeneration, as we begin to distinguish a figure, prone on a rock and split down the middle. This becomes Bjork, lying on a rock within a familiar Icelandic landscape, and repeats the visual motif from the other Vulnicura videos of a small exposed area of chest, symbolic of a damaged heart.

It finishes with a symbolic CGI-enhanced repair job, indicating how the healing process continues - an uplifting message, that draws the viewer into the wonderful world created by Björk - and Andrew Thomas Huang.


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David Knight - 25th Mar 2015


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Andrew Thomas Huang
Tamsin Glasson
Service Producer
Hrönn Kristinsdóttir
Service Company
Executive Producer
Tamsin Glasson
Executive Producer
Kevin Shapiro
Service Co Exec Producer
Rafnar Hermannsson


Director of Photography
Laura Merians
Focus Puller
Kate Wurzbache


Production designer
Thorgeir Frímann Odinsson


James Merry


Director's Rep (UK)
Colonel Blimp


Creative Director
Creative Director
Andrew Thomas Huang
Creative Director
James Merry
Project Manager
Helga Margrét Reykdal

Other credits

2nd AC

Elva Sara Ingvarsdóttir


Benedikt Jóhannesson


Frank Arthur Blöndahl Cassata


Jonathan Devaney

key grip

Jón Marino

art director

Asgeir Guðmundsson

embroidered mask

James Merry

Wound design/additional styling

Hrafnhildur Arnardottir aka Shoplifter

Dress design

Michael van der Ham


Andrew Aallimore at CLM London


Lok Lau at CLM London

la coordinator

Kitty Walsh

vfx landscape capture

XREZ Studio, Eric Hanson & Greg Downing

Assistant to xrez studio

Olafur Haraldsson


Wolf & Crow


Kate Berry


Emmi Nakagawa

VFX supervisor & technical director

Sebastiano D’Aprile

cg modelers

Dan Edery & Josh Suyemoto

lead compositor

Andrew Thomas Huang


Lindsey Fry, Andrew Knizek, Norton, Travis Button

cg lead

Sebastiano D’Aprile

rendering & lighting

Sebastiano D’Aprile & Josh Suyemoto

cg artists

Alexis Brovko, Andrew Knizek, Amy Sharpe

autodesk producer

Brian Pene

special thanks

Arri Media Iceland, Arni Björn Helgason and Sagafilm Studios

David Knight - 25th Mar 2015

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