Cat Velez - 20th Mar 2015

Trippy visuals of plants, birds and Swim Deep bandmembers' busts populate To My Brother, directed by Irrum. His first video since joining Gas&Electric, it conjures up a strange and otherworldly setting; hypnotising orbs of refracted light and the saturated colours of wildlife serve as a dazzling accompaniment to the futuristic sounds of the track.

The clip then gets progressively psychedelic as the morphing human busts melt and shift, all the while reflecting vibrant, ethereal light.


"The band said that they felt like they were ready to shave their heads and go to war with this new record, and they wanted a video that represented that feeling. It felt like the perfect opportunity to reimagine a completely new world, rather than a representation of psychedelia we have seen before. 

"I came up with a concept that solely focused on an evolution of colour; a giant spinning wheel that diffused colour to birds, botanics, and statues of the band themselves. It felt important that the objects populating the video were real, so however surreal it appeared it felt tangible and vivid."

PRO Credits


Art DirectionElliott Scott
Production CompanyGas&Electric
ProducerMatt Klemera
Director of PhotographySerge Teulon
ProstheticsSusana Rodero
ProstheticsAndrea Peng
Art DepartmentCatharina Golebiowska
ArtistDavid Teager-Portman
Focus PullerRobin Webster
Camera AssistantMichael Kinsella-Perks
SteadicamEmilio Schlappi
Prop MasterMike Taylor
PropsFrancis Lofthouse
Art Department AssistantBoady Shoals
GafferLee Parfitt
Production AssistantAshleigh Jadee
LabelSony Music
CommissionerElizabeth Doonan
Director's RepresentationOB Management
DoP's representationUndercranked
Other creditsBotanical Sculpturing: Millie Smythe VFX Assistants: Dom Sadler & Youngmin Park Grade Assistant: Pat Wintersgill

Cat Velez - 20th Mar 2015

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