David Knight - 26th Feb 2015

For Joywave's Somebody New, Keith Schofield takes the phenomenon of skateboard video game glitches, and takes it to a whole new dimension of tomfoolery. 

It starts like your standard skate video - sort of. But the deadpan comedy of having the band perform while skating quickly advances into some bonkers parallel universe of impossible skate tricks - and super-disasters. And then we're moving into convulsing heads, contorted bodies and skateboards slicing through torsos. Well, it is Keith, after all. 

The daunting VFX task was accomplished entirely in house by Caviar’s post team – who worked hard to translate the goofy CGI video game inspiration to a photo-realistic finish, and make another Keith Schofield classic. 

Regular skateboard videos will never be as cool again... 

PRO Credits


DirectorKeith Schofield
Production CompanyCaviar
Head Of ProductionKelly Bowen
ProducerTova Dann
Director of PhotographyIsaac Bauman
StylistMelissa Goul McNealy
Hair & Make-upBridget O'Neill
Post production companyCaviar
Post Production ExecutiveTiffani Manabat
Post Production ExecutiveAndreas Hasle
VFX SupervisorCorentin De Saedeleer
3D AnimatorSandro Paoli
3D AnimatorNicolas Sainte-Rose
Post ProducerTerry Huynh
Post ProducerEmmanuelle Pellan
VFX SupervisorOden Roberts
CommissionerMark Sarkissian
LabelHollywood Records
Other creditsVault Manager: Alec Ernest VFX DI Manager & 3D Track: Manon Martin Media Manager & Assistant Editor: Ward Geerts Conform & Color Management: Xavier Dockx

David Knight - 26th Feb 2015

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