Bastille 'Wild World' album teaser by BISON

BISON tempts Bastille's gazillion fans with this seductive 60 second teaser for the new album - presumably called Wild World if the end title card is to be believed. Starting on the eye of a …

David Knight - 2nd June 2016


Selah Sue 'Fear Nothing' by Isaac Ravishankara

Isaac Ravishankara's intimate take on blockbuster subject matter for Selah Sue's Fear Nothing - featuring fellow director Ellis Bahl in an acting role as Selah's partner - reveals its …

David Knight - 4th Jan 2016


Meg Myers 'Sorry' by Andrew Donoho

After Meg Myers mentioned to director Andrew Donoho that she'd be interested in using children or elderly people in the video for her latest single Sorry, he came up with the final concept.

Cat Velez - 13th Apr 2015


Kodaline 'Honest' by Stevie Russell

Stevie Russell explores issues of conscience and moral courage in his video for Kodaline's Honest, as a politician signs an official document against his better judgement.

David Knight - 14th Jan 2015

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The Promonews Roundup


Birdy 'Words As Weapons' by Sophie Muller

Sophie Muller's latest collaboration with Birdy for Words As Weapons is arguably their best yet. Birdy plays the ghost of a girl who is haunting her former boyfriend, to prevent him …

David Knight - 14th Apr 2014


NYPC 'Hard Knocks' by Laurie Lynch

For the band formerly known as New Young Pony Club, new director Laurie Lynch washes suburban teenage romance with a summer glow.  In Laurie's debut for production company …

Sam Hill - 14th Aug 2013

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