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Gaz Coombes 'Detroit' by Franklyn Banks

Jimmy Brown - 24th Feb 2015

Taking his lead from the lines like “there’s panic in my heart”, and “can’t hide from it all”, Franklyn Banks has conjured a video for Gaz Coombes's solo outing Detroit with a sense of escape, and an epic canvas - and an important role for the ex-Supergrass frontman.  

Franklyn's focus is a running man – played by Mark Boulton - who we see first pounding along Blackpool seafront past the Illuminations. And he just keeps running - to the awesome landscapes of the Lake District, and on to London. Meanwhile, Gaz's brief appearances suggest a connection to the running man - but it still comes as a surprise when its finally revealed. 

I think you could say that Gaz is covering his back...


"The idea was born from a conversation with Gaz, for him it was important to represent the constant motorik beat, feelings of paranoia, a flowing movement in some kind of a journey, that was pretty much the brief. I didn't write anything for quite a while, but then when the idea came it might of taken about ten minutes to write. I think that's my record, and Gaz really liked it. 

"I guess it’s about going for a run to clear your head, or getting a song stuck in your head, or in this case, Gaz in the back of your head.

"We managed to find Mark through a local running club, but I put the casting info out to so many clubs that we had an overwhelming response – over 1500 applicants in little over 48 hours. I guess getting paid to go running through the mountains isn't a bad job. But as soon as I saw Mark I knew he was the guy. And he’s a really amazing, calm character – a constant stream of positivity, and just did everything we asked of him. 

"We shot over four days, travelling to different places across the country. It was important to me to have such a wide variety of locations to keep the long edit interesting. I wanted to give the viewer a new environment about every 30 seconds, and the label were great in supporting us with this and gave us the little extra we needed to make it happen. 

"I'm massively thankful to everyone who gave their time and hard work on this one. But the guy who really made this happen is DoP Tom Walden, dangling out the back of his own people carrier in freezing temperatures for four days, whilst either me or Simon drove badly with a monitor on the dash."

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Jimmy Brown - 24th Feb 2015


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Franklyn Banks
Simon Oxley
Production Company


Director of Photography
Thomas Walden
2nd AC
Stephen James Dunn


Harry Gay


Shiv Ashman
Shiv Ashman


Lead actor
Mark Boulton


Franklyn Banks


Jon Leese-Pomfret
Colour grade company
Raised By Wolves


Sam White
Post production company
The Wheal House


Emma Greengrass
Caroline International


Drone Operator
Tim Browning
Prop Maker
Charlie Lloyd
Production Assistant
Roy Forberg
Additional Photography
Nic Booth
Art Department
Elena Isolini
Sam Waddington
Studio Hair & Make-Up
Charlotte Cowen

Jimmy Brown - 24th Feb 2015

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