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The Staves 'Blood I Bled' by Nick Rutter

Jimmy Brown - 22nd Oct 2014

To accompany the beautiful acoustic ballad of The Staves' Blood I Bled, Nick Rutter travels to Uran, a region near Mumbai in India to shoot this equally beautiful film. 

Shot in some incredible and contrasting locations with great work from DP Ben Fordesman, Nick's film is an emotional and thought-provoking cinematic treat. 


"Shooting in India was an all-consuming exhilarating experience, but not without its challenges. The first things you notice are the heat, the golden light and the smell of a vast city, all of which bowl you over in very different ways. Our intention was to shoot most of the video in inner city Mumbai but the insane traffic put a stop to that idea so we had to search further out.

"We were granted quite incredible access to a suburb about two hours drive from central Mumbai in a region called Uran. Through the family ties of the production manager we were able to shoot in some stunning locations that included people's homes, fishing ports, piers, cremation sites and vast empty beaches.

"What’s great about shooting in this part of India is that you can literally turn up somewhere and with the right manner and approach shoot a little scene, right there and then on the fly, that you hadn’t originally prepared for. Quite a few telling scenes in the video were shot in this way. We shot handheld using available light which Ben Fordesman (DoP) relished. 90% of what’s made the final cut is naturally lit.

"Casting was a similarly completed in a mad dash manner. We did a mixture of street casting and using the network of contacts that our amazing service company, OML, had to hand. There’s always an element of luck in casting, and we definitely lucked out, to the point where we cast the young boy at 11pm the night before we shot his story, as the original cast boy had been hospitalised that very evening. Similar situations like this were thrown in our way daily yet somehow we managed to hurdle them all to end up with this video of which we’re all immensely proud."

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Jimmy Brown - 22nd Oct 2014


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Nick Rutter
Emory Ruegg
Production Company
Sonny London
Production Company
Oml Entertainment Pvt Ltd


Director of Photography
Ben Fordesman


Elena De Palma
Editing company
Marshall Street Editors


Luke Morrison
Colour grade company
The Mill


Post Producer
Samantha Letzler


Director's Representation


Dan Curwin
Atlantic Records


Location Manager
Mayur Mehta

Jimmy Brown - 22nd Oct 2014

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