Jimmy Brown - 9th July 2014

Courtesy of director Jonathan Lia, Mika becomes the star of his own Clint Eastwood-esque western, complete with blanket poncho, Sergio Leone-style whistling and saloon bar piano. And that's just the start.

Shot a variety of well-known movie haunts in the Spanish city of Almeria, Lia serves up a feast of contrasting scenes with Mika assuming a variety of guises...


"This video was an epic two-day shoot in and around Almeria, Spain.  We didn't want to make a literal translation of the lyrics, but rather create a world that was as if you put five of your favorite films in a blender to tell a loose narrative around the themes of sex and violence.  

"The western and film noir vignettes were shot at Western Leone, where films such as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and A Fistful of Dollars were shot. The fortress in Lawrence Of Arabia was an actual fortress called The Alcazaba in Almeria from the 10th century.  The Bond vignette was shot at Hotel Cala Grande. The 1700's Revolution vignettes were shot in Guadix in a farm where they grow trees, hence the symmetrical nature of the forest.

"Mika was an absolute pleasure to work with. An excellent actor, he was able to truly embody each role, adding his own flair for nuance and subtle expression."


DirectorJonathan Lia
Production CompanyGood Company
ProducerClaire Baylin
ProducerJackie Green
Director of PhotographyAaron Platt
Executive ProducerJonathan Lia
Executive ProducerRyan Heiferman
Executive ProducerBrian Welsh
EditorLogan Seaman
ColouristRon Sudal
Grading companyNice Shoes
Director's RepresentationLock It In
CommissionerAilsa Robertson

Jimmy Brown - 9th July 2014

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