David Knight - 16th June 2014

Just like in any number some real bad things are going to happen to those kids out in the woods, once they decide to go a-cavorting in the altogether, in the video for Joywave's Tongues featuring Kopps.

But as this is a DANIELS video - directed in partnership with Zak Stoltz – this is nowhere near what you'd expect, apart from the trademark mayhem. At a guess, its a satirical dig at American's vaunted prudishness when it comes to nudity in the media. It's brilliantly done, and the wardrobe department deserve medals.  

PRO Credits


DirectorZak Stoltz
ProducerJonathan Wang
Production CompanyPrettybird
Executive ProducerCandice Ouaknine
Director's Rep (US)Lark Creative
CommissionerMike Sarkissian

David Knight - 16th June 2014

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