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Christine And The Queens 'Saint Claude' by J.A.C.K.

Jimmy Brown - 7th May 2014

A combination of excellent choreography, a variety of creative camera angles and a sublime performance from the artist propels this simple set-up to greater heights. 

J.A.C.K.'s promo for Christine & The Queens' Saint Claude focusses on the French band's frontwoman as she turns in a brilliant routine with only a cameraman for company...


"We started envisioning the film from a video that Christine had emailed us. She filmed herself with her cell phone, alone in her hotel room, while she was dancing to St Claude’s music. We wanted to keep the raw initial emotion of that performance real, and so it became our guideline throughout the making of the film.

"The challenge of the shooting was to let the choreography live on its own and to let Christine express herself with as few constraints as possible in order to obtain the same raw emotion. To achieve this, we used different technical means to allow the perspective to be as close to the dance as possible. Sometimes the camera was fixed on a crane to emphasise the aspirations of the dance moves and at times it was hooked to a stabilised harness, held by the chief cameraman. They were the only two on the stage and during those moments, Christine’s solitary choreography transformed into an intimate dance with the camera.

"This quest for ingenuity was pushed to its limits. We used very sleek editing, deprived of an excess of cuts, and the effects of distortion added to Christine were played with to highlight the dancing and enrich her belief in the strangeness of bodies. For the lighting and the décor, we intended for the viewer to be mesmerized by the black spot that is Christine throughout the whole clip.

"We set up the project in close parallel with the artist. On the shoot day, she stunned us all as she endlessly performed the same choreography with the same energy, power and emotion both in her movements and in her eyes. It was a very great pleasure to work with her."

Jimmy Brown - 7th May 2014


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Production Company
Wanda Productions
Executive Producer
Celine Roubaud
Production Manager
Mélodie Buchris
Production Coordinator
Kim Shewy
1st AD
Fabrice Jeandemange


Director of Photography
Dylan Doyle
1st AC
Vincent Reinhard
2nd AC
Arthur Chassaing


Laure Gaudou
Débora Émy


Cathy Ematchoua


David Poucet


Post production company
Post Producer
Sarah Delorme


Production Assistant
Solene Collon
SFX Supervisor
Armel Cessa
Production Supervisor
Emilie Palet
Set Decorator
Emmanuelle Thevin
Zacharie Cortes
Head Electrician
Amida Belgharbi
Nicholas Cadot
Eric Meurice
Head Grip
Thibaut Guesnois
Hand Double
Julie Thorey

Jimmy Brown - 7th May 2014

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